Media India Group's Privacy Policy

When you use Media India Group’s services, you trust us with your information. This privacy policy is meant to help you understand what data we collect and what we do with it.

Media India Group strives for transparency and trust when it comes to protecting your privacy and we aim to clearly explain how we collect and process your information. It's important to us that you should enjoy using our products, services and website(s) without compromising your privacy in any way. Sections in this policy:

Information we collect
This pertains to the information you provide us, which we need in order to provide you with our services and products. There are some personal information that we need in order to provide the products and services that you have chosen. Examples of details we collect in order to fulfil a subscription to any of our magazines:
  • Name
  • Postal address (including postcode)
  • Email address
  • Payment details
In addition to the above, examples of the details we collect for our business events could include:
  • Job title
  • Work email
  • Company
  • Country
  • Industry
Other parts of Media India Group may ask for different information such as phone numbers, gender or date of birth, as indicated when you interact with those products or services.

How we use your information
When you use any of our online platforms we collect information that helps us deliver the services you have chosen and to improve your experience.

How we work with third parties
Normally, when you pay for our magazine subscriptions then your email goes to our payment gateway provider, PayPal, through a secure connection. Please be aware that we use HTTPS and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for our website, hence all your information is passed through intense security.

Contact us
If you still have questions about this policy you may contact us at:
Media India Group
32 rue Le Peletier, 75009
Paris, France

Alternatively, you can use the email address:

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