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Over the last decade, the face of India’s civil aviation business has transformed greatly, with rapid modernisation and development, accompanied by introduction of new technologies and the best practices from around the world. Various new airlines have launched operations in the Indian skies and the number of aircraft as well as passengers has increased manifold in the last 10 years. India has also seen the development of many new greenfield airports as well as modernisation of many other existing ones. There has also been a remarkable growth in the related segments such as cargo and other facilities have been modernised to lead to a smooth development. Therefore, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has conceptualised India’s first business magazine entirely dedicated to the civil aviation industry. The Airports India Business Magazine (AIBM), which will not only be distributed at all the airports of the country, but will also be read by professionals in India and overseas, and it aims to serve as a very important source of latest and credible information for this sector.

About the Magazine

The new magazine will have an extremely rich, diverse and updated content, including in-depth reports, analyses as well as interviews with key players of the civil aviation business. With 84 pages of a very modern, European look and Indian content, the magazine will be published by Media India Group quarterly.

Over 75,000 copies of this magazine would be distributed through various channels, reaching out to key players across the globe. Special counters and stands are being constructed at each airport in the country, where the magazine will be available for travellers. It will also be present in lounges and VVIP areas in the airports. Besides, it will be mailed to key government and corporate circles and especially, among those involved in the business of civil aviation.

Airports Authority of India and Media India Group launch Airports India Business Magazine

The Airports Authority of India (AAI), in association with Media India Group, is pleased to announce the launch of the premiere issue of Airports India Business Magazine (AIBM) – An initiative of AAI.

Union Minister of Civil Aviation, Ashok Gajapathi Raju launched the magazine at a function in New Delhi on February 16, which was attended by the luminaries and veterans of the Indian aviation industry, including airlines, airports, air cargo, technology, etc.


The Airports India Business Magazine (AIBM) is an initiative of the Airports Authority of India (AAI) and is the only magazine, so far, giving details of the authority’s initiatives and policies set in the direction of developing infrastructure in the Indian airports. With each issue, which will be published quarterly, the AIBM will bring to its readers a detailed insight of the new measures being taken in the aerospace sector, interviews of notable people from the aviation sector, strategies put in place and also charts of the authority’s success stories and new paradigms.

Latest Issue (January-March 2017)

The Airports Authority of India (AIBM) is on its second issue and continues to be the only magazine bringing you aviation news and a detailed view of the developments in the Indian aviation sector. Informing you about the new measures being implemented and policies being established by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India, the second issue of AIBM provides details of the Airport Authority of India’s strategies, new developments, success stories and future plans. The authority is consistently implementing plans to improve the airports under them. You will find inside pieces on the authority’s skill development initiatives to reduce the gap between skill quality and industry’s demands. Green initiatives to implement more energy efficient methods at airports have also been given a spotlight in this issue. The magazine also details new schemes such as the Regional Connectivity Scheme, the authority’s new project – UDAN, and other developments and measures, all making for an enriching read.


Amber Dubey, Partner & Head of Aviation, KPMG

Anuj Aggarwal, Member (HR) AAI

Sajit T C, Head, Human Resources & Administration, BIAL

Partha Ghosh

Cover Story

Skill Development

Special Focus

Going Green

AAI Focus

Chennai Airport – DISHA




Cargo Hub

Security Tips for Air Travellers

Duty Free Shops

Skill Development Initiatives

Green Initiatives


GSDM 2017 @ Paris Air Show


In a bid to provide passengers from India with better flying experiences, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has been working towards developing an infrastructure that matches international standards. The authority, in recent times, has introduced newer technologies, policies and other measures to pace-up the targeted growth. One of the key steps taken forward has been the launch of the Regional Connectivity Scheme with the push being at spreading air connectivity across India, especially to Tier-II and Tier-III cities. The AAI has also been aiming to increase cargo volumes at its airports with the idea of benefitting all related aviation sectors. In fact, for rapid development, the authority plans on employing the Public-Private Partnership model at airports in and beyond metro cities. Its new business initiatives also include expanding to newer markets internationally. With other measures such as building green airports, augmenting airport capacities, training the staff, the authority is working towards enhancing customer experience. With the inaugural issue of its business magazine, the Airports India Business Magazine (AIBM), the authority is bringing to you a detailed insight of the various initiatives being taken for the desired growth.

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