DeshKaTv service offers 100 TV channels Online for INR20 a month

New way of watching TV slowly gaining popularity in India



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August 15, 2016

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New forms of watching TV are emerging in India

New forms of watching TV are emerging in India

The newly launched Desh ka Tv (Nation’s Tv) by dittoTV in India is offering monthly subscription for as low as INR 20 a month or close to 0.4 Euros for 100+ channels on web enabled devices. This could be interpreted as an upcoming trend in changing television viewing habits, and has caught the attention of the social media platform, Twitter.

Made available through a mobile application or through any device that had access to the internet, dittoTV shows that this new form of television viewing can pose as a challenge to conventional cable or set-top box satellite dish television providers. ditto TV offers Live streaming, news and other channels in a few regional languages, Hindi as well as English with an aim at providing television service at an affordable cost to everyone.

There are a few websites and applications in India that provide streaming of television shows online and coverage of news and sports, such as Hotstar. However these remain limited in terms of the content they can provide. The habit of downloading television shows remains popular but most, if not all downloads, are done illegally. Apart from the legal issues, viewers have to wait to access their favourite shows in good resolution and have no access as far as Live streaming is concerned.

Other forms of service providers for television including DTH (direct to home) programs through cables and satellite dishes might be the most popular choice for the Indian viewers but the prices remain high. An average entry level monthly, with an access limited to few channels, pack costs close to INR 100 or 1.2 Euros to be added to other costs of maintenance and at times renting the box or router that provide the access to television.

Global perspective

While this may be an upcoming trend in India, elsewhere in the world online TV has been catching up for a while now. Netflix, a popular online TV portal is an American company that has captured the world’s attention by providing access to TV shows as well as movies to viewers worldwide at a monthly subscription fee. Netflix was launched in India earlier this year in January. Leading French channel Canal+ has been offering LiveTV as well as other content on its website for a long time now. Sling TV taken out by Dish Network and Sony’s PlayStation Vue service are Internet-TV products that were launched very early and are currently global giants for online TV.

Innovations coming up in the Indian market are only reflective of the global trends  future collaboration with multi national companies can lead to a booming industry for online TV in the country.



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