Assam to host the first Namami Brahmaputra Festival

The festival will promote Brahmaputra as a tourist attraction

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February 27, 2017

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Brahmaputra has also been at the core of Assam’s folklore, inspiring literature, art and music

The Brahmaputra has also been at the core of Assam’s folklore, inspiring literature, art, and music

Assam is all set to host Namami Brahmaputra, a mega international festival that aims to promote economy, tourism, culture, skill industry, trade, and commerce.

Namami Brahmaputra means “Obeisance to the Brahmaputra”, will showcase the beauty and glory of the mighty river and the land it flows through. The international festival will be organised across 21 districts of Assam from March 31 to April 4. The Brahmaputra, marks the physical boundaries of countries such as India, Bangladesh, and Tibet, and also separates Upper Assam from Lower Assam, will now unite aesthetic groups and communities across the Ghats.

Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal stated, “The riverine people used to have an emotional bonding with the Brahmaputra, which has gradually been weakening. This festival should create an environment for reconnecting the people with their roots and rejuvenate the Brahmaputra civilisation.”

“Brahmaputra is our culture, civilisation, economy and lifeline. Namami Brahmaputra has been conceptualised to offer our collective gratitude to the mighty river which has given so much and which has potential to give much more for our development and prosperity,” said Assam State Transport Corporation (ASTC) MD Anand Prakash Tiwari.

The state plans to represent Assam as a tourist destination on the world map with this festival.

“A number of states of the country have launched attractive and vibrant campaigns to create a positive perception and ecosystem for the promotion of tourism and attracting investments. Through this festival, we are going to promote our state and our culture, custom, tradition, tourism, inland water potential, trade, investment option, commerce, and industry, etc,” Tiwari added.

A team of government officials will be visiting all the state capitals and major cities as a part of the festival. They will also coordinate with local tour operators, tourism departments of the respective states, industry bodies and will organise road shows with students to generate awareness about Assam’s culture and the immense potential.

The officials will hold media briefings at other state capitals, informed Tiwari, who is visiting Lucknow for this purpose. “The whole idea is to create a positive image of the state everywhere,” he added.

Namami Brahmaputra gives people from rest of India and outside the opportunity to absorb the very rich tradition of Assam founded on the strength this mighty river. The state aims to expose its tourists, both domestic and foreign, to the rich artistic legacy of the state which will surely fascinate all with its splendour and radiance.

“We are doing the branding and promotion in all the major airports of the country. We have given articles in flight magazines to promote our culture, potential, and possibilities,” he added.

The event will feature indigenous sports, cultural performances, business meets, seminars and symposiums, exhibitions, river ecosystem and interpretation zones, programmes related to history, tradition and legends of Assam.



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