India & You March – April 2020

March - April 2020


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For long, to international tourists India has been known for a handful of
very famous monuments and sites that have attracted visitors from
around the world for decades, if not centuries. Be it the iconic ode to
love in the shape of Taj Mahal, the architectural wonders of
Rajasthan’s numerous palaces and forts or the fine sculpting that one
can relish in various temples around the country. However, India is
much more than these few dozen monuments that foreign tourists have
traditionally visited. Thanks mainly to the long and continuous Indian
civilisation and the sheer diversity of the country in terms of culture,
spirituality, languages, cuisines and social traditions, India is a living
museum, with hundreds of thousands of monuments of all shapes and
sizes all around the country. But most of these have remain
undiscovered not just by foreign tourists, but also by many Indians as
the access to most of these sites has been bad, thanks to bad roads,
poor railway network and absence of adequate air connectivity.

Over the past decade, this situation has been changing with improved
connectivity across various modes of transport as India finally gets its
own expressways and roads and a number of airports spring up all
over the nation. This has enabled and created new tourism destinations
around these new sites, boosting the local economies through creation
of the necessary infrastructure, such as hotels, restaurants, shopping
areas as well as other services and products that tourists traditionally use.


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