India Outbound – September 2020

Sep 2020


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The Sep-Oct 2020 edition of India Outbound is out now! Presenting to you our special issue highlighting the current state of the small tour operators in India, the impact of the pandemic on them and what they are doing in order to survive. We see that repeated pleas by the tour operators for fiscal assistance have not yet reached the mandarins in New Delhi. This sets stage for numerous smaller players to either shut down or be acquired by a larger player.
We also speak with leading National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) on their outlook for 2021 and find that remain hopeful that Indian outbound travel will pick up pace and therefore have come up with innovative digital marketing campaigns, notably countries like UK, New Zealand, Thailand, Netherlands and UAE. The NTOs have been busy promoting their destinations virtually in India over the past few months. Many of them have been innovative and creative in spreading their message and staying on top of the mind of the potential travellers from India. We bring you a sample of the 10 best campaigns.
In this issue, we also talk to leading bloggers in India who take us back to their favourite destination and share their most memorable experiences of outbound travel.

Other highlights of this month are:

  1. Las Vegas: The Strip, The Canyon and Beyond
  2. Monaco:Luxury at Every Step
  3. Africa: Treasure Trove of Wilderness
  4. Technology: Five Gadgets for post Pandemic Travel

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