Google to bring public cloud computing in India

Plans to battle competition in Indian market

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July 19, 2017

/ By / New Delhi

Google is planning to advance with it services in India by venturing into public cloud computing, but it has major competition to beat and standards to match.

Search engine giant, Google is looking at expanding its hold in India by venturing into public cloud computing, a domain it was array off in the country. The company has said that it will double the number of people it works with in India for cloud computing.

Google is in tough competition with Amazon, IBM and Microsoft, companies which have a strong hold on the Indian IT market, and also have established public cloud data centres in India.

Public cloud computing providers manage long chains of servers, e-networking and storage data centre-services which are used by various businesses.

Research and advisory firm Gartner projects that the public cloud service market in India will grow at 38 pc in 2017 and touch $1.81 billion.

“We are building our go-to market, which spans across segments and industries. This year we are doubling our team here and we will probably double this again as we move forward,” Mohit Pande, country head – India, Google Cloud, told an Indian daily.

The current headcount in India is not known.

Google has been building infrastructure in India over the past three years, with an investment of $30 billion already made. It will now open its first cloud region in the country this year and plans to open six more eventually. Currently, it has 10 such global regions.

“India is a large market for us, also a very strategic market. We are investing a lot in India, we are opening a cloud region, we are investing in sales, marketing, customer engineering teams, professional services and partner network. We are building this ecosystem as India is a significant part of our strategy,” said Pande.

The Google Cloud enterprise will include a cloud platform, G suite applications, Google maps and Android services.

“These are early days for cloud. It is a very large market and we think less than 10% of workload has moved to the cloud. Most of the market is for everyone to play. We see a big momentum coming in,” commented Pande.

As Google is behind other companies in cloud computing, it will rely on its artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to move ahead in the game.

“We also think that as the overall environment for cloud improves in India, internet infrastructure is improving significantly. We are seeing the cost of data go down. We are seeing mobility moving in India big time. Corporates in India are jumping ahead and right now is a great time for any cloud company to be in India,” concluded Pande.