Art for all in Lodhi’s Delhi

The colours and values of India's first art district



June 6, 2019

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Decipher social messages and celebrate freedom and culture as you wander about in the Lodhi art district, a one-of-its-kind art sphere in India.

As one goes driving or walking around Lodhi colony, a residential area in Delhi built by the British, an art fiesta unfolds. Tall walls with abstract paintings and murals telling a popular tale of the city or depicting social issues like equality and climate change make for colourful attractions.

A symbol of inclusivity and democracy, the art district also has a graffiti on transgenders, who can be often found begging in streets, denoting their progress in the society. There is wall work celebrating women, mankind’s missions to space, animals and birds and many  more subjects of social value.

Part of a project initiated by St+art India Foundation, an NGO that works on art projects in public spaces, and supported by Asian Paints, a paint manufacturer, the colony is now like an open art gallery, accessible to all.

Complete with 50 colourful walls today, the project was started as a three-wall experiment in 2015. Painted keeping in mind external factors such as heat, rain, wind as well the massive pollution of the city, the artworks have been described as intricately and carefully done as body art by Giulia Ambrogi, co-founder and head curator for St+art Foundation.

Artists from across the world have put their brushes to use on these walls of the national capital, bringing a cross-cultural sense into foreplay.

The district has works by Georgia Hill (Australia), Daan Bolotek (Netherlands), Yoh Nagao (Japan), Corin Kennington (London), Daan Botlek (Netherlands) and Hanif Qureshi (India), Mahendra Pawar (India) among others from different parts of the world.

Together with unique art styles such as Calligraffiti, the calligraphy-style graffiti and sign-painting, the walls are aesthetically intriguing and not just eye-appealing.



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