Celebrating the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev

Glimpses of the pious Gurupurab celebrations


November 14, 2019

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Celebrating the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev, Considered to be one of the most sacred festivals among Sikhs, the Sikh followers across India and other parts of the world celebrated Guru Nanak Dev’s 550th birthday on November 12. Devotees thronged in large numbers to the nearest shrines to offer their prayers, remembering the teaching of Guru Nanak Dev who laid the foundation of Sikhism.

Kartik Purnima marks the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Sahib which is known as Gurpurab. The festivity starts two days prior to the actual date, where devotees read the Holy book, Guru Granth Sahib, in Gurudwaras and organise many processions or Nagar Kirtans at various places across the country mainly in Punjab, Haryana and Delhi.

The devotees extend their hands for a noble cause which are selfless services called Sewa, in which the groups do various activities like cleaning up the roads ahead of the processions led by the Panj Pyaras, also known as the Five Beloved Ones, which holds a major role in defining the existence of the Sikh religion, carrying the palanquin of the Guru Granth Sahib and a Sikh flag. The service which they deliver is known as Kaar Sewa (offerings) which they do regardless the caste, creed or religion, some step up the campaigns with various names to feed the hunger, setting a great example of humanity. On the auspicious day of Gurpurab, Akhand Path (continuous reading of the holy scripture of Guru Granth Sahib) is organised. Many volunteers organised Langar (a community kitchen) for all and many were seen distributing sweets to everyone to show and share the happiness.



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