FIDD Foundation to fund fellowship for Indian journalists

The Foundation partners with Alfred Friendly Press Partners


January 2, 2017

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The FIDD Foundation fellow will be working on the staff of a major US newsroom

The FIDD Foundation fellow will be working on the staff of a major US newsroom

The Frank Islam and Debbie Driesman (FIDD) Foundation announced that it will partner with Alfred Friendly Press Partners (AFPP) to fund a fellowship in the US for a mid-career journalist from India for six months in 2017.

The Frank Islam and Debbie Driesman Foundation is a non-profit foundation started by prominent IT entrepreneur Frank Islam and his wife, Debbie Driesman, with a mission to promote education, art and culture, peace and conflict resolution to make the US, India and the world a better and a safer place.

For the fellowship, the foundation is partnering with Alfred Friendly Press Partners, a leader in transforming journalists from information hungry societies.

The FIDD Fellow will work in a major newsroom in Washington DC, for five months after undergoing a five-week training program at the Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia, Missouri.

During the programme, which will be roughly for six months, the FIDD Fellow will gain experience in reporting, writing, editing and editorial decision-making that will enhance professional performance; secure a practical understanding of the function and significance of the free press in American society; acquire first-hand knowledge of the industry’s technological advances; and develop the skills to transfer knowledge to colleagues at home in India.

Frank Islam, President of the Frank Islam and Debbie Driesman Foundation, said, “Our foundation is proud to join hands with AFPP to support this fellowship. Debbie and I consider the fellowship a strategic investment in the free press. Over the past three decades, AFPP has trained 15 world class journalists from India who have gone on to become leaders in the field. It is our earnest belief that the FIDD Fellow will continue that tradition.”

“We are especially delighted to welcome Frank Islam and Debbie Driesman to our fold. Support such as theirs is the reason that we’ve been able to train more than 300 journalists from 90 different countries for over 30 years. Debbie and Frank are ambassadors for democracy and they understand the critical importance of a free press. Their investment will impact countless lives in ways that can’t yet be imagined. That’s the potential of quality journalism,” added Randall D Smith, President of the Alfred Friendly Press Partners.

The fellowship will be administered by the AFPP. The FIDD Foundation also informed that a candidate who has three years of professional experience as a journalist and is currently employed as a journalist by an independent news media organisation in India can apply for the fellowship by contacting the AFPP.



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