Nine graphic designs of 2016 in vogue

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December 22, 2016

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In the graphic design world, trends come and go; they spring up, some remain for long, while others are more of blink-and-you-miss. Trend spotting is fun, and also a great way to inject your work with better ideas. As the year nears its end, we have listed some of the trendiest design patterns, which took over the graphic design space in 2016.


Keep it Simple

Uncomplicated and clutter-free representations took over 2016 completely. Keeping it simple has always been an important principle of graphic designing and while comprehensiveness in design is historic, it became more predominant and widespread than ever this year. So, keep it simple!


Let it stay Blank

White space has always been a great choice amongst designers. Though blank spaces are negatively perceived, the designers have used it cleverly this year, to add depth and meaning to their creations. Less is more!


Retro rules

Vintage designs never actually go out of fashion! Ancient style of colour mixing and patterns fit in well with both web as well print materials. The bright and saturated 80s and 90s styles never fail to mesmerise the viewers and that is what many designers switched to in 2016.


Points, lines and surfaces

Playing with geometrical shapes and patterns took all the rage. Whether to add depth, use as backdrops, illustrate or present three-dimensional demonstrations, these angular figures look even more pronounced with the correct choice of colours.


Divide it with grids

Both symmetrical and asymmetrical grids were among the favourite options of designers to categorise things or list a series, especially for websites and print. These designs are appealing, easy to make as well as aesthetic.


Say yes to digitisation

Handmade digitised sketches and comic strips took the year by storm. Many websites and designers this year preferred to transform their sketches, paintings and doodles into a digital design. And, why not? Ultimately, technology stands at the confluence of art and science.



Play with images

Place a picture, choose an ideal font and tadaaa…! You are ready to go! Designers this year chose to resort to pictures to express what they wanted to express through their designs. Here is how it works, effectively!



Another way to play with pictures is to present it Parallaxed. To parallax is to displace in an object in the picture with multilayer editing. A parallax is similar to a gif but more artistic. Here is what it looks like.



Gone are the days when black and white or a colour scheme with similar hues was considered boring. A good mixing can make similar hues look fantastic too. Similar colour tone, say monochrome!


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