India Outbound Jan-Feb 2017

January-February 2017


( Only Digital Magazine, Not Printed )

With the first India Outbound issue of 2017, we hope that this year is full of exciting and culturally enriching travels for you. Giving you a taste of what that could be like, with the Jan-Feb issue, we teleport you to Bangladesh, the neighbour you probably have been oblivious to. Bangladesh has much more in common to India than one can possibly imagine of. A plethora of lesser tapped tourist destinations here are waiting to be traversed and a rich culture to be explored. With this magazine, get to know about the longest beach in the world which remains in hiding here, about the Sunderbans delta region where the famous Royal Bengal Tigers reside and a rich Buddhist culture that prevails on this land. Other than a visit to this neighbouring country of ours, travel with us to the beautiful Oman, the resurgent Egypt and the riveting Everest Base Camp in Nepal. There are also exotic glimpses from Macao, the captivating Northern Lights at polar north and the flavours of a traditional Bangladeshi meal. Step out and explore the unknown and rediscover what already was! Happy reading and happy travelling


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