India Outbound July-August 2017

July-August 2017


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India Outbound had the opportunity to visit Africa twice. The first time, we fared the traditional path focussing on wildlife and safari. However, this time, we went bigger and we went wilder. South Africa and Rwanda are two very different countries when it comes to inhabitants, lifestyle and also tourism potential. Each of these nations has its unique selling point and this issue has aimed to present to the readers the variety in the potential escapades that these countries have to offer. However, since you can only truly appreciate the unique if you have experienced the normal, we have also covered traditional destinations that never lose their charm. Like Chiang Mai, a destination that is consistently gaining popularity as a must-visit city in Thailand. Or Lucerne, a picturesque city where you can have a proper Swiss experience. This issue hopes to give you a taste of all things new and unique with a sprinkling of the traditional and nostalgic.


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