India & You January-February 2018

January-February 2018


( Only Digital Magazine, Not Printed )

This issue of India & You takes a look at India’s love for literature and tries to assess the direction this industry is taking in the country. For starters, India is a treasure trove of literary text and prose. Books are printed in different regional languages, which are then translated into other regional languages and also in English and other international languages. This is not limited to the classical Indian text but applies to modern content as well. The issue also looks at how new technology with its e-book readers and other online platforms is gaining traction in India. We also head to some literary festivals that are taking place in India is also adding to the nation’s love for literature. From here we go visit some old libraries, which are known for their massive collections and great architecture. So, join us on this journey, as we travel the country, fishing texts and literary trends.


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