India & You May-June 2017

May-June 2017


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The Cannes Film Festival 2017 is around the corner and so, here we are with the May-June 2017 issue of India & You magazine focusing on India’s Cannes connect. Giving you a taste of 70 years of Indian film industry at Cannes, we take you through interesting anecdotes from the Indian cinema business. Documenting the journey of various filmmakers and industry insiders who shed light on the art of filmmaking, the business it generates, challenges and the sense of creation that spurs them on, we also take a closer look at the ills of censorship, prospect of independent cinema and the realities of documentary films; from gender issues still prevalent in the country to the surreal world of the animation industry. Explore the connect between India and Europe with following the journey of how Europe became the favourite destination of Bollywood. And finally, towards the end of your read, know about the Bollywood beauties who made fashion statements with their bold outfits at Cannes. Happy reading!


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