July-August 2016

July-August 2016


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South Africa recently announced India as one of its focus market along with China and the US during INDABA – one of the largest tourism events in Africa. For the experience hungry Indians, also looking for relatively affordable destination, South Africa comes as an answer. Known primarily for its wildlife and Safari popular for its Big Five game viewing (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros), it offers a good combination of metropolitan, nature and wildlife experience, coupled with excellent infrastructure and services. Although there are a few glitches such as the absence of direct flight from India and the tedious visa process that the tourism board is working on, South Africa also has tailor-made experiences, specifically for the Indian market. We present to you a comprehensive tourism experience in South Africa with all its offerings and insight from the tourism minister and South Africa tourism board. In addition to this, we take you to Las Vegas to do the five must things and then to another party place across the globe, in the east, in Thailand but on a quiet honeymoon getaway in Phuket. We also have for you the reclusive beaches of Colombo in Sri Lanka and the offbeat destination Iran that awaits to be rediscovered amidst its conflicted situation.


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