Exploring the unexplored places of Jharkhand

The scenic beauty of the land of the forest



February 2, 2019

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Located in the eastern part of India, Jharkhand is not really considered a popular tourist destination by many. However, this place not only abounds in beauty but also has several hidden gems that have not yet been explored.

Jharkhand, much famed as the bush land or the land of the forest is abundant in natural beauty and offers quite unique locations. The state is blessed with its rich flora and fauna, the sprawling forests, vast farms, gushing waterfalls and unique art and culture. The sleepy state had been carved out of the southern part of Bihar and got its official recognition in the year 2000.

Jharkhand is now considered to be a growing tourist destination in India. Ranchi, the scenic capital of Jharkhand is the biggest attraction with its many revered holy pilgrimages which boasts of its rich culture and heritage since ancient times.  Travellers from across the world throng the most famous temples of Ranchi, like Jagganath temple, Pahari temple, Naulakha temple and others. Another major attraction of the region is the Ranchi Hill which is situated on a flat ground and offers a breathtaking view of the whole Ranchi city.

The first-hand experience of rural life is a wonderful experience, as Jharkhand’s villages are rich in cultural heritage. Tourists can enjoy local traditions and customs, partake in festivals and taste the cuisine.



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