Goa – A ‘lens’caping paradise

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August 19, 2017

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Capturing the essence of nature has been among the most revered art of all times. From the camera obscura, to developing film camera roles – photography has evolved over the years. However, complimenting these photography skills is scenic beauty, and one such divine destination is the state of Goa in west India.

Nature and landscapes are undoubtedly one of the favourite subjects of shutterbugs, bringing back memories of travel journeys and experiences of a particular place and freezing a particular moment. Goa in the western part of India has always been ideal for such photography. It is a place people visit extensively over and over again to absorb the picturesque scenes – be it architecture, heritage, beaches or the hinterlands.

“For a photographer, Goa reveals its secrets slowly. Just when you think you’ve covered it all, a photograph opens up before you, surprising you. Each month, each season, each year there is something new that attracts the eye,” says Pantaleão Fernandes, a Goa-based writer, photographer and author, who is very passionate about the state and its vibrant culture, and spends most of his time exploring villages in the deep hinterlands, to experience firsthand the warm spirit and culture of the villagers and document these experiences.

Photo credits: Pantaleão Fernandes

Photo credit: Pantaleão Fernandes

It is not by chance that Goa is turning into a hub for lifestyle and fashion bloggers, wedding photographers, wildlife photographers, travel photographers and even filmmakers. Every year, thousands of photo enthusiasts visit the state for a ‘lens’caping holiday at the tourist hotspots that make for an ideal background for perfect photo shoots. Golden sand, paddy fields, whitewashed churches and chapels, temples and churches, forestry, marine life, adventure, food, festivals, folklore… name it and it’s all there under the Goan sky.

Both international and domestic tourists are widely opting to travel to unexplored destinations of Goa and have been quite experimental with their travelling choices nowadays. Whether it is the shimmering and palm-swaying beaches, exotic wildlife, waterfalls or the cuisine, photographers are exploring newer photography niches in the state.

Renowned Goan heritage promoter and ace photographer Sanjeev V Sardesai believes that photography helps freeze the time, into memories, for generations in the future, to introspect the past. “A destination, where the art of photography can do justice to nature and every other subject, can only be at God’s own abode – Goa,” he said.

“Goa is an ideal destination for photography and it is a fact that photographers from India and abroad travel to Goa to work on special projects capturing various angles and segments of tourism. One such is avi-tourism where renowned ornithologists travel from miles to the state between October to February every year to capture birds and the migratory species in Goa. Likewise, lifestyle, wildlife and nature photographers find no place better than Goa to take on an assignment. Goa is a picture postcard and we compliment the photographer’s fraternity from Goa, India and abroad who have highlighted this through their skills,” says Menino D’Souza, director, department of tourism, Government of Goa.

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