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November 4, 2016

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The Bogmalo beach in Goa. Beaches in Goa are filled with shacks as restaurants and places to stay.

The Bogmalo beach in Goa. Beaches in Goa are filled with shacks as restaurants and places to stay.

Goa Tourism explores new options to bring greater visibility to tourism in the south-western state, a choice destination for travellers from all over the world.

A master plan for Goa Tourism to formulate tourism policies is on the horizon for the state whose tourism board is seeking input for ways to evolve short term, medium term and long term plans. As part of this initiative, bloggers from across the world are being invited to come and explore the south-western state of India that has traditionally been a hotspot for tourism, for both international and domestic tourists. Around fifteen international bloggers are said to be in the state this month, in an initiative that sees partnership of the government with Leave UR Mark. Leave UR Mark is an enterprise that organises travel and volunteer opportunities for visitors to India. This enterprise has a large digital footprint and reportedly reaches close to 4.5 million people across 30 countries, over five languages and eight different social media platforms.

Social media has been targeted as the primary platform for promoting the event alongside directing tourism to Goa. Bloggers from across the world are a part of this event titled ‘#Escape2Goa’, which has its own Instagram page and hashtag where images of the travels are being shared. The Instagram page of Goa Tourism is also filled with entries from the fifteen participants, whose countries of origin include France, Australia, the US, Brazil and Spain.

These bloggers focus on topics varying from food to lifestyle and health to fashion. They are all exploring the cultural diversity, gastronomic specialties, serene beaches, architectural sites and the natural beauty of Goa. The event is seeing bloggers engaging in a variety of activities, which are held throughout the year or seasonally for visitors to the state. This includes visits to spice plantations in Goa, heritage walks to see Old Goa, adventure activities such as trekking, water sports and moonlight kayaking. Village immersions and cooking classes alongside sunset cruises are also on the itinerary.

Much to see in Goa

Goa evokes a memory, association or expectation in almost every Indian tourist and a large majority of visitors who come to India. Historically, Goa has seen a melange of cultures with the Portuguese ruling over the state for close to 400 years and leaving behind marvellous architecture. A large number of Christians also inhabit the state. Goa also has sizable settlements of Russians and Israelis and a steady flow of tourists from all over the world who come to relax, eat, explore and learn yoga by the beautiful beaches and lazy countryside with coconut trees.

While north Goa is home to the ‘party beaches’ where the 1960s saw a hippie subculture thriving and creating the musical genre of goa trance, south Goa is relatively calmer with quiet beaches and heaps of architectural remains, churches and well-preserved homes from the Portuguese times. The coastal state caters to many types of travellers and with new initiatives to boost tourism, Goa is a must visit for anyone in and around India.

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