Bonjour India 2017-2018

More than a festival!


November 16, 2017

/ By / New Delhi

‘Bonjour India’ is a programme celebrating Indo-French cooperation in India. But according Alexandre Ziegler, Ambassador of France to India and Bertrand de Hartingh, Director of Institut Français India, who announced the launch of the third edition – ‘Bonjour India’ 2017-2018 is a new project and a milestone in the way of promoting this cooperation, since, besides the celebration, its aim is to “incubate dreams, ideas and projects”, to conduct long term partnership between the two countries and to shape the “next decade of Indo-French human exchange”. It will be “more than a festival”, quoting the French Ambassador. The 300 events, from November 2017 to February 2018, based on “Innovation, creativity and partnership” will be focused on technologic, social and environmental innovations in various field such as culture, sciences, environment, sport…  A real “Indo-French moment”!



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