Delhi Comic Arts Festival: an out of the box artistic platform!

First edition of an international festival dedicated to indie comics in all its forms

December 18, 2017

/ By and / New Delhi

The first chapter of Delhi Comic Arts Festival (DeCAF) was held at the India International Centre in New Delhi (national capital), from December 4 o 6, bringing together artists, professionals and enthusiasts from around the world, to showcase the art differently and to explore trends in comics, cartoons and illustrations.

In order “to create a culture of comics in India” and to present this art in all its facets “so that people understand what all comics is capable of doing”, the director of the festival, Anindya Roy, wanted to go beyond the conventional forms of exhibition. DeCAF has thus mixed various mediums: two exhibitions with about twenty artists’ artworks, numerous presentations by prestigious artists sharing their vision behind their work, film screenings, performances and round table conferences, as well as the book launch of ‘The Elephant in the Room’. The Delhi Comic Arts Festival, with an eclectic range of topics discussed, ranging from mythology to autism, including the role of comics in society, in movies, animation and video games, amongst others, gave a glimpse of the richness of this art and brought “another voice”, according to the artist Appupen – the voice of the indie comic scene.



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