India’s first ATR simulators inaugurated in Gurugram

FSTC unveils locally made simulators for training pilots


May 12, 2017

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ATR 72-500 can fly 52-70 people and land on smaller airports

ATR 72-500 can fly about 70 people and land on smaller airports

The Flight Simulation Technique Centre (FSTC) in Gurugram inaugurated two flight simulators recently, announcing them as the country’s first ATR simulators. The facility has also added its second Boeing-737 simulator to the existing three simulators, namely a B-737 simulator and two A-320 simulators.

In an attempt to uplift the country’s civil aviation sector, the Flight Simulation Technique Centre (FSTC) acquired India’s first ATR 72-500 full flight simulator in the previous year. Issued to be certified by the European Air Safety Agency (EASA) and Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) India, FSTC officials informed that it was the first of its kind simulator in the South East Asian region.

FSTC, one of the largest training organisations registered under Approved Training Organization (ATO), has a substantial number of full flight simulators catering to all the airlines in India flying various fleet types. The pilots trained by the institution are placed in major domestic airlines like Indigo, Vistara, Jet airways, Spice Jet and Air India.

According to the official announcements, the ATR simulator will help pilots who have to travel to Toulouse, Madrid and Bangkok for type-rating training. ”This is a fruitful measure that will help trainee pilots gain more confidence and also reduce the cost and time spent on training,” the spokesperson stated. The move was welcomed as a part of the Centre’s increased emphasis on Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS). According to the official report, IndiGo announced that it will be purchasing 50 ATR 72-600 aircrafts. Air India’s subsidiary, Alliance Air also plans to expand its fleet by leasing 10 ATR planes this year.

Captain Sanjay Mandavia, MD & Accountable Manager, FSTC, commented, “FSTC’s decision to bring India’s first ATR 72-500 state of the art simulation in the heart of the Gurugram, where we are already providing instructor-led ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ training for the Airbus A320 & Boeing B737 further extends FSTC’s commitment to the aviation community in India and the region. Positioning this simulator close to Indian customers and operator’s base of operation will enable them to be more efficient while continuing to train the pilot skills and decision making that enhances safety and effectiveness.”

Captain S Basraon, Managing Director and CEO, FSTC, added, “Our guiding philosophy is ‘Train in India’. Now, airlines will be able to make substantial savings in both costs and time by sending pilots to be trained at FSTC rather than to any other part of the world. We expect airlines from across Asia or may be from any part of globe to use this state of art facility. The benefit of bringing India’s first ATR simulator in the country is overwhelming. It’s not just about cost savings. Airlines can train their flight crews a lot quicker too as they don’t have to wait for training slots to open up at far off distances.”

Secretary of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, RN Choubey and BS Bhullar, Director General of DGCA, were present at the inauguration ceremony.

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