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Incredible India gets a new e-look

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September 5, 2017

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A new tourism website is being launched and it could revolutionise the way people travel to and within India.

The Indian government is now taking more initiatives to make various travel and tourism affairs go digital. The fresh approaches are to change the way both international and domestic tourists travel.

Various travel arrangements, like booking of entrance tickets, have been transformed. A traveller can reserve tickets even before they set foot in India. E-tickets can now be booked for visiting 116 monuments across the country. The services have also been extended to mobile phones, letting travellers enjoy and benefit from the new e-platforms. While in a monument, tourists can use their phones to accessthe available audio-visual guides and combine them with venue-specific barcodes encapsulating complete information.

“The 1363 helpline in 12 languages is a unique effort. It is available nowhere in the world. You may find the local language and English but here we have a mix of languages spoken by tourists. So there is an ease of experience. We have made e-ticketing for 116 monuments where you do not need to stand in a queue. Now you can start from your hotel or even your country with the e-ticket for that particular monument. There is a barcode chart accessible on your mobile that has complete information on a site or organisation,” says an official of the tourism ministry.

The helpline also offers human’s assistance that can be availed by dialing a “tourist’s friend” or a tourist facilitator.”We are inducting ex-army-men for the purpose and we hope this will help us ensure a sense of safety,” the official adds.

The various languages have also been updated on Incredible India’s new website, which will be launched soon.

To help the foreign visitors, it will have a lot of details including various travel-related services, prices, comparators, and certified experientials.

The website will also feature travel products by the Media India Group, letting the keen read magazines such as India & You, INDES and view the video magazine- Colours of India.

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