Indian origin Nikki Haley being touted as the next US Secretary of State

South Carolina Governor in contention of the crucial portfolio

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November 19, 2016

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As the US and the world await Donald Trump’s ascension to the US presidency, news of ensuing changes is trickling out. Nikki Haley, the South Carolina governor, a notable critic of Trump in a bitter presidential campaign, is reportedly now being considered for the position of Secretary of State.

US president-elect, Donald Trump hasn’t deserted the headlines across the world since his presidential campaign which concluded in him being elected to the highest office of the country. To add to the euphoria, he has now planned meetings with a number of high-profile politicians from across the country over the next few weeks. Speculations of every kind are doing the rounds about a number of crucial positions under the Trump regime.

One of the noteworthy names to have emerged is that of Nikk Haley’s for the post of Secretary of State. The outspoken Indian origin governor of South Carolina has been a vitriolic opponent of Trump during the presidential campaign, and hence, her being touted for the important position has left many surprised.

It is also reported that Trump will be meeting 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and some are not ruling out the possibility of a toss-up between him and Haley for the seat of Secretary of State. Trump is known for being unpredictable, and with his hardliner stance on sensitive issues like immigration, employment and education, the world is gauging every move made by the man. The cabinet he chooses will go a long way in answering a number of volatile questions.

Nikki Haley who?

Nikki Haley, nee Nimrata Randhawa, is a South Carolina born and bred Republican governor of the state. Known to hold a clout within the Republican Party, this 44-year-old is the first woman to govern South Carolina. Born to parents from Amritsar in Punjab, India, if she goes on to assume the critical role of Secretary of State, she will be the first Indian-origin person to do so. She was elected the governor of South Carolina in 2010 in a topsy-turvy election that saw her clinch the contest with 51 pc votes to 47 pc logged by her Democratic opponent, Vincent Sheheen. It also meant that she was only the third non-white governor of a southern state in the US. Known to be a progressive leader with an eye for business generation, Haley has famously advocated lowering taxes. “If you come to South Carolina, the cost of doing business is going to be low. We are going to make sure that you have a loyal, willing workforce and we are going to be one of the lowest union-participation states in the country,” she had famously said while promoting her state as a business destination. She is also reportedly supportive of the LGBTQ community. Earlier this year, she was even considered as the Vice-President candidate, mainly to win over ethnic minority and female voters especially with Trump going hammer and tongs in his campaign. She later denied interest in the position.

No quick fix

While Trump’s unlikely triumph has raised eyebrows and caused protests, there’s no denying that he is the popular choice. There is no obvious prediction about how his presidency will turn out, but one thing that people tend to have agreed upon is that the man has a penchant for pulling a rabbit out of the hat. Political analysts around the globe are considerably certain that Trump’s lack of acquaintance in the political circles implies that he will be heavily-reliant upon his advisors. And, hence, the personnel he selects for the crucial cabinet roles will most likely pave way for the administration’s decisions over the next four years. And, these decisions are going to have global impacts. Therefore, it is no wonder that the entire world is fixated to the goings on in the US political indoors. Donald Trump’s pursuit of ‘making America great again’ will depend greatly on the kinship he chooses within the confines of the Oval Office.



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