An art exhibition in Delhi and its various hymns

Songs of India- telling the country's cultural tale in colours


April 25, 2019

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Exploring the various cultural and geographical facets of India is Songs of India-an ongoing art exhibition that has a different palette and emotion on each wall of its art gallery!

The walls of this art gallery are dominated by varied palettes of colours, rather aptly symbolising the vibrancy of India. There are paintings of different cities and gods denoting the diversity of the country, its people and their beliefs.

There is a painting showcasing the ghats (stairs leading down to a river) of Varanasi, a holy city in Uttar Pradesh; and there are sketches of Ganesha- the elephant headed god who is prayed to before special ceremonies and festivals. There are also life like illustrations of sadhus or godmen, an important part of the lives of many across the country.



A painting showcasing the ghats (stairs leading down to a river) of Varanasi

Some artists are also representing the daily life on the streets of cities like Delhi and Kolkata, adding the quotient of travel and exploration to this exhibition.

This vivid display is part of Songs of India, an ongoing exhibition at Art Spice Gallery at the Metropolitan Hotel & Spa in Delhi.

Curated by Babita Gupta, founder of the gallery, the exhibit has 75 works on display, all telling various tales of India and what it is to live in the country.

“Songs of India is an enthralling group show that explores the ethnic identities of India’s diaspora artists. It’s a show of renowned and distinguished Indian artists displaying rich cultural heritage of India through their own style. One can enjoy a grand adventure that blends the north and south, east and west of India in a single journey, weaving our art and cultural heritage into a comprehensive and magical experience,” Gupta tells Media India Group.



An illustrations of a sadhu or godman

Showcasing works by artists Ganesh P Doddamani, Subhash Pujahari, Sarkar Shubendu, Ruchi Chadha, Jaya Srinivasan, Pratap SJB Rana amongst others, Songs of India is interestingly eclectic in its subjects and how they are presented.

“All the works being exhibited are very powerful with highlights of their own. While some are technically unique, there are others that catch ones eye because of the strength of the lines, colour schemes, the aesthetic beauty and textures. Many folds in the exhibition are of culture, expressions, mediums, styles and techniques, which are bound together with immense creativity and talent. It’s a great mix of flavours that will suit every taste of art connoisseurs and aficionados,” says Gupta.

An exhibit with most artwork being acrylic on canvas, Songs of India showcases some rather powerful paintings, some with strokes so strong and sharp they make the depicted scenes come across as real. With a colour for each emotion, a keen viewer can almost sense what the artist must have been feeling at the time of painting.


Love by K Ravi

“K Ravi’s art named “love” needs a special mention. His work is symbolic of life in India. Greatly influenced by the Madhubani style, his visages of villages lasses embody the spirit of urban and rural India. His works beckon the viewer and accentuates a feeling of togetherness with the painting,” says Gupta.

The exhibition is up until May 31,2019 and has the artwork up for sale.



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