Art exhibition at Alliance Française de Delhi

A display of photos and dance acts


April 24, 2017

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Alliance Française de Delhi is holding a photo exhibition showcasing the work of 44 photographers from across the globe alongside a contemporary dance performance.

A premier institute for French language and culture in India, Alliance Française de Delhi is looking at a full house in the coming days. It has its gallery filled with artists from around the world who are showcasing their artwork for a culturally enthused audience.

The exhibition, which is on from April 21 to May 5 is titled ‘Objectif Sport’ and displays sports from the respective countries of the participants.

“Each year, Fondation Alliance Française organises an international photography contest spread across continents. Topic for this year was Objectif Sport. Non-professional photographers have been invited to best portray the sport of their country and the values it conveys, through their work,” says Jérôme Clement, président, Fondation Alliance Française, Paris.

Fifty countries are taking part in the sixth year of this photo exhibition.

The top French institute, which has been the roof for a lot of cultural activities in the past, also had a contemporary dance performance staged by dancers from Israel.


A still from YAMA being performed at Alliance Française de Delhi

A popular dance show YAMA, which is choreographed by Laura Arend who came to India aspiring to be a Yoga teacher but following her passion for dance ended up on the stage instead.

“The message of the dance show is to understand that life is short. We all want to change the world but to do that, we have to change ourselves first,” says Arend.

Arend came to India with her dance after showcasing it in Grenoble and in Paris. “The performance in Paris was professional, we are so happy that the press was so supportive and kind about the work,” she recalls.

Arend’s dance company will be in Lyon in May and will also perform six days a week at the Avignon Festival in July 2018. The creation, a duet will be with Davy Brun, a former dancer of Lyon Opera Ballet.


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