Rajasthan Festival 2016

Celebrating 67 years of glory



April 1, 2016

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The state of Rajasthan celebrated its 67th foundation day with pride, showcasing their art and culture

The state of Rajasthan celebrated its 67th foundation day with pride, showcasing their art and culture

To celebrate 67 years of the state, Rajasthan organised a colourful four-day event from March 27-30, 2016, in the pink city of India, aiming at highlighting Rajasthan’s art, culture, tradition and heritage to attract tourism.

Festivities kicked off in Jaipur as numerous people gathered for an amazing four-day festival to celebrate 67 years of Rajasthan. Rajasthan Diwas was organised from March 27-30, by the art and culture department of the Rajasthan tourism government to commemorate its formation.

Rajasthan, the land of dynamic and cultural hospitability, was formed on March 30, 1949 and reminds of the royal golden times. It holds multi-cultural festivals with imperial monuments and forts that validate the stories of Rajasthan’s impressive history.

Speaking about the festival, Shailendra Agarwal, principal secretary, Tourism, Art and Culture, Rajasthan, said, “As a run up for the Rajasthan foundation day that is on March 30, we organised a week of celebration from March 27-30.”

The festival showcased various attractions in Rajasthan through the events held across the city. The events included International Festival of Short Films on Culture and Tourism (IFFC), army pageant by Indian army, camel tattoo show, run for Rajasthan, Indian classical dances, bhajans (devotional song) and qawwali (sufi devotional song), performances by artists such as Arijit Singh, Salim-Sulaiman and Bhanwari Devi, along with a fashion show by Bibi Russel.

To promote the already famous art and culture of Rajasthan, an extraordinary camel tattoo show by the BSF, army horse show, paratroopers and army dog show was held at the JDA Polo ground to inaugurate the event. The show performed by the army contingent was spectacular as people saw extraordinary acts performed by them.

Inaugurated by minister of parliament affairs, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and Indian actress Moushumi chatterjee, International Festival of Short Films on Culture and Tourism (IFFC) by Indian Infotainment Media Corporation (IIMC), provided a great opportunity to see short films from around 51 countries across the globe. Short films and documentaries of numerous filmmakers from India and abroad were screened at the festival.

“The movies I saw were really impressive and I liked the way they were presented,” said Mridula Dwivedi, who is a travel blogger based in Delhi.

Another event, run for Rajasthan, was held to spread the importance of sports and being fit, where traditional Indian games like Kabaddi, Kushti, Kho-kho, Archery, Sitolia, Gilli-danda and Rumal Jhapatta were played.

The celebrations were in full swing followed by Bhajans and qawwalis at famous temples in the city.
Jaipur also got coloured with the hues of fashion and Bollywood. A most awaited magical night at Albert Hall was held where Bollywood singer Arijit Singh mesmerised the audience with his songs.

“Around 50 thousand people were present at the event,” said Agarwal.

Following the concert, Salim and Sulaiman, Bollywood music composers and singer Bhanwari Devi also performed in the city on the next day. The event drew huge crowd where the people danced to their tunes.
“We have done a lot of shows in Rajasthan and we musically feel connected to the place,” said the Indian music composer Salim during his performance.

Bangladeshi fashion designer, Bibi Russell’s fashion show, centralised on the theme ‘Rajasthali’ was also organised, where the designer’s collection for the new collaboration was revealed.
Along with these, respected performers of classical dance Padma Shree Sujata Mohapatra and Saumya bose performed Kolina Shakti (Odissi dance form).

The people in Rajasthan became a part of the festival and turned up in huge numbers to relive their state and its culture.



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