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October 4, 2016

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A 21st century term, new media, is used to define all that is related to or linked with Internet. It’s the interplay between technology, images and sounds combined to be known as multimedia. The definition of new media is changing on a daily basis and it’s predicted that it will continue to do so at an ever more rapid pace.

It is virtually unpredictable what will happen tomorrow. But, we do know that it will continue to evolve in fast. New media can also be defined as a new term that emerged in the latter parts of the 20th century. In simple terms, new media has the possibility of on-demand access to information anytime, anywhere on any digital device, as well as interactive user feedback. There is a lot of difference between traditional and new media; the dynamic aspect of content production in new media is that it can be done in real time.

The use of computers and computer networks for communication, entertainment and business has emerged a new culture; computer culture or cyber culture. It has led to the study of various social phenomena associated with the internet and other forms of the network communications, such as online multi-player gaming, wearable computing, social gaming, social media, mobile apps, augmented reality and texting.

Between 1960s and the 1990s, there was immense rise in social and cultural prominence, and the wide social and cultural movement resulted in advanced information science and technology.Hence came the cyber culture.And the cyber culture is changing and evolving rapidly.This is somewhat because the browsers and websites are optimizing much more than the traditional media of the past.

Consequences of the cyber culture has emerged in various ways, with the construction of the internet, the lifestyles of people around the globe have experienced a quick and drastic change. For the younger generation, there are social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Users on these sites may post anything and can share the same with their friends and families, without meeting anyone in reality.The world has become a virtual meeting place.

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