A morning at Yamuna Ghat

Bird-watching and clicking away the flapping wings


May 17, 2019

/ By / Delhi

While photographers in Delhi are mostly on the look-out of the capital’s iconic buildings and monuments, a chance to capture some fresh images lies on its distant edges.

By the Yamuna ghat or the banks of the Yamuna river, in the national capital city Delhi, the sights and smells are rather contrasting and intriguing.

While the water is polluted and the breeze carries a stench, this sparsely populated corner of the city is an artists’ junction.

A ground for migratory birds and many a seagull, the bank of the Yamuna river can be visited for its natural beauty that survives, and stands out for an artist, despite the atrocities thrown at it by the metropolis.

With the first rays of the day also come flocks of birds, that are a visual delight for onlookers and subjects of interest for birdwatchers and photographers.

While various photography clubs lead photo-walks to the ghat, one can also visit by themselves.

Subjects of photography include, not just our avian friends, but also the brightly coloured boats that stand in a colour contrast to the ghat.

These boats can also be used to reach the surrounding villages, where the simple lifestyle of the residents can make for some new frames.

Rather neat in comparison to the ghats, the villages are also coloured green with the plantation of seasonal, organic vegetables that are transported from here to the adjoining places. You can help yourself with some fresh produce, too!



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