Glimpses from Durga Puja 2017

Gorgeous pandals and all the other pomp


October 1, 2017

/ By and / Kolkata

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Celebrations are at their peak during the last four days of Navratri (nine nights of religious celebrations). Festivities on Shosti (sixth day), Saptomi (seventh day), Ashtomi and Navomi (eighth and ninth day), in Kolkata, are particularly worth attending.

The city in Bengal, comes to life when traditions and customs take over the daily routines of people. Streets are decked up across the city, and people are full of enthusiasm. Numerous pandals (Marquee) are set throughout, with each one having something unique to offer to the visiting devotees.

The pandals are also a platform for the artists to  exhibit their talents, as they work on the imaginative themes and other ornamental artwork.

Crowds draw in for the celebrations and to worship as well as witness the beauty around. There is creative lighting ,theme parks ,sounds, images, and a never tarnishing spirit and  culture.

The celebrations end on Dusshera or Vijaya Dashami/ bijoyadashmi. According to the Shastras all the images/idols of Maa Durgamust be submerged into the Holy river Ganga, The immersion ceremony symbolises the end of the goddess’s annual sojourn to her paternal home and she returns to her husband Lord Shiva at their heavenly abode in Mount Kailash. People with tearful eyes and devotation bid their last goodbye to Goddess Maa Durga and pray for harmony and fate for the rest of the year.



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