Kathmandu’s architectural gems

Remains of a royal past


December 18, 2017

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Kathmandu has been home to Nepal’s architectural wealth, which expanded between the 15th and 18th centuries. Though those illustrious times may have ended, remains of traditionally carved heritage buildings still exist within the narrow modernised surroundings of the city.

People belonging to the Newar community in Nepal were the historical settlers in and around Kathmandu. Over the years, these people have maintained their age-old traditions as the curators of religion, culture and civilisation in Nepal.

Along with the culture, another existing heritage that the Newar people take pride in is the Newari architecture belonging to the medieval times; ruins of which still exist in the old city.

Carved with figures of deities, dragons, peacocks and other elements, various structures have these old windows, which were traditionally used on each floor according to their varying functions, still stare back at passers-by.

The craftsmanship found on these windows and doors of old palaces, private residences and sacred places across old Kathmandu, are a symbol of Newar culture. And, located in narrow lanes, these monumental ruins tell tales of the bygone era.

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