Khajjiar; arcane beauty of majestic peaks, lakes and lustrous meadows of Himachal Pradesh

'Mini Switzerland'of India


May 26, 2018

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As the temperature takes an unusual rise in the northern region of India during the months of April – June, travellers want to beat the scorching heat during summers.  People wish to be on a beachfront or somewhere in the lap of Himalayas to rejuvenate for spiritual and mental relaxation.
Khajjiar; tucked away in the northern fringes of the Dhauladhar range, a little hill station not very much explored but often quoted as the “Mini Switzerland of India”, as this place has a striking resemblance to the lush green meadows of Switzerland. Khajjiar is located in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh which offers a plethora of mesmerizing beauty of nature. This charismatic land has a rare combination of three ecosystems that cover lakes, forests and pastures. The illecebrous beauty of this place makes it a marvellous destination to explore and enjoy. Khajjiar is a rare combination of lakes, green pastures, and majestic thick forest of the Kalatop sanctuary with tall pines, beautiful oaks, and lusty deodar trees which make it a complete paradise on Earth.
This place is a hidden gem of Himachal Pradesh- the stupendous and panoramic view of the Pir Pangal range, fresh air with cold breeze, and the contrasting shades of the green and brown hills as one descends into the valley can make anyone fall in love. Khajjiar and Chamera lake are the two most beautiful attractions of this place adding a charm to its serenity. Khajjiar lake is said to be the oldest and natural lake in Chamba district and people believe this lake is related to ‘Naag Devta‘ (God of Snakes). At the other end of the lake is the temple of Khajji Naag, a temple dedicated to worship snakes. Some snake idols are placed along with the statues of local devi and devtas (deity) in the temple.
The saucer-shaped green meadow Khajjiar flaunts a lake in the centre of its landscape. It is found to be the most tranquil and picturesque spot amongst tourists to witness the serene view of nature, which makes it a nature lover’s playground. Another sight to behold is of the floating island- a bunch of grass floating on the surface of the lake. It is a perfect location to have a day out with loved ones; a spot where one can keep themselves soaked in the spectacular scenic view of this hill town.
Khajjiar is not only a perfect tourist destination but also serves for many recreational activities. It is the starting point for the treck to Chamba and one can also explore Khajjiar through horse riding, paragliding, and zorbing, that is rolling downhill in a plastic ball, bouncing and experiencing the lustrous paddy green pastures. Kalatop wildlife sanctuary, is a complete delight for a nature lover and perfect photo shoot location for wildlife photographers. It takes us to an exotic walk through the woods which packs quite a punch in terms of nature, wildlife, culture, and adventure.
Many temples are present in this area, two large statues- one of Lord Shiva, which is 85 feet tall and another one is red coloured statue of Lord Hanuman.
Khajjiar is not a land to be known for any story or tales from the past, but is an ideal destination for honeymoon couples, families and youngsters who want to embrace the beauty of nature. It is a place where one needs to visit, feel and experience love at first sight; it is a land of contrasts and combination. Many famous Bollywood movies including “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” has been shot at this beautiful location.



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