Delhi’s green and sporty weekly meet


September 14, 2017

/ By and / New Delhi, Gurugram

« Raahgiri Day » was initially a car-free citizen initiative that began in Gurgaon (in the suburbs of Delhi) in 2013 and expanded to other parts of the city. The objective is to encourage locals to use cycling, walking, skating, running and other non-motorised activities as a solution to urban traffic chaos. Now, the event is organised every Sunday in Gurgaon and Connaught Place (Central Delhi).

With the help of the traffic police, the area is closed to cars and become «open » to pedestrians. Over time, Raahgiri has become a key outing for families where children as well as residents of all ages join in the various activities.

« Our objective is to engage with everyone looking at a healthy lifestyle. All of us can make a difference in the world. It was not an easy task and required us to impose our idea and find partners, we hope we will get more sponsoring to develop the concept to other places and make our environment better day by day », says the Raahgiri foundation.



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