Ibrahim AlHusseini, Managing Member, Full Cycle Fund

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November 7, 2015

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March-April 2014

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Seeing cultural evolution in India’s wealth

Ibrahim AlHusseini,Managing Member, Full Cycle Fund

Ibrahim AlHusseini,Managing Member, Full Cycle Fund

Ibrahim AlHusseini has spent much of his career as a sustainability-focused entrepreneur, with significant experience in operations, sales, and finance. He has also spent much of his career helping angel investors find clean technology and natural resource related investments. Today, AlHusseini is the managing partner of The Husseini Group, a firm dedicated to facilitating and financing and guiding ventures that embrace social enhancement and ecological sustainability.
• Tell us something about your organisation. When was it initiated and how has it evolved over the years?
Our family office, The Husseini Group, is the vehicle that my family uses to invest into the future we want to create for everyone. We have understood for decades that growing wealth on a planet without clean water, breathable air and wholesome food is meaningless. We have a strict clean energy and socially responsible investment mandate, but pride ourselves on our strong growth and returns while doing this.

• What kind of services do you provide and how can these benefit the UHNWIs?

Although we do not take in outside capital into our family office, we have launched a garbage – to – electricity fund called Full Cycle Energy that builds waste to clean-energy facilities worldwide. We accept outside capital into that vehicle due to the size of the opportunity. We see this fund as an appropriate gateway investment into environmentally responsible investing with strong returns.

• Are your existing clients single family units or multiple families?

We have syndicated investment opportunities to single and multiple family offices for co-investment with us but currently and for the medium term, the only outside co-investment opportunity with us will be in our waste to energy fund “Full Cycle Energy LP” mentioned above.

• What is your firm’s investment philosophy?

Do well by doing good. If there’s no triple bottom line, we pass, and if there is not significant return, we pass.

• How are your teams structured to deliver services to the clients? Do you have different services for different UHNWIs – inheritors, selfmade and professionals?

Our Full Cycle Energy Fund is the only outside service that we offer – we decided to create this fund because of the need for lower-risk, higher-return sustainable investments.

• What are the top three characteristics that distinguish your firm the most from your competitors?

We are a family with a long tradition and real business building background as well as a history of successfully deploying and growing capital. What’s special about us is how we care for our family, our investors, and the earth with equal attention.

• What communication methods have you used with your clients?

In our Full Cycle Energy Fund mentioned above, we have a secure access for all LPs within our fund administrator’s site as well as the usual monthly and quarterly statements and third party operational and financial audits annually.

• Is there any impact of economic slowdown on the demand? Are clients more cost conscious or quality conscious in the times of slowdown?

Our Energy Fund lowers the cost of both electricity and garbage disposal – so we believe it is recession-proof.

• What kind of potential do you see for the Indian family office business?

What I see for the old and new wealthy of this great nation is a quick cultural evolution from the limited trappings of displayed and celebrity wealth to a more inclusive and global centric use of wealth as a tool to solve the problems facing us all.



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