Beer Yoga: Fitness is fun (hic!)

Alcohol to keep you fit?


February 11, 2017

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Beer yoga allows you to do those stretches and sip a good brew

Beer yoga allows you to do those stretches and sip a good brew, all at the same time

Are you both a fitness freak and a beer lover? Well, the combination may not be as bad as it sounds as ‘beer yoga’ comes to rescue.

Balance a beer bottle on your head to improve focus or hold it in your hand while squatting down and take a sip while returning to your original position. Sounds fun, eh?

Just like any other alcohol, caffeine-laden drink, wine or aerated drink, beer is of course not considered a healthy beverage. However, according to many nutritionists and reports, the drink can help improve the way in which a human brain functions, strengthen the bones and even aid in exercise recovery.

Even after falling under the category of high calorie drinks, beer is still known to reduce the risk of heart attack and diabetes, and is recommended to the people who indulge in heavy running as it is said to be a recovery drink.

Thus, beer yoga, the new concept for both fitness enthusiasts and beer lovers is becoming the talk of the town. The practice comes originally from Germany, but, is now gaining popularity in other nations as well.

Beer yoga is an exclusive health practice to keep the body fit by allowing people to sip the drink and get rid of fat at the same time. Just take a sip from of your bottle and bend your body in diverse postures in order to improve flexibility and strength.

Each glass incorporates beer drinking into yoga poses as the beverage is believed to be an old therapy for the body, mind and soul. And, if you doubt the credibility of the form, there are a lot of experts around the world who will be willing to help you with an explanation of beer’s nutritive qualities.

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