BIZ@INDIA Anuga Special 2019

October 2019


( Only Digital Magazine, Not Printed )

With just a day to go for Anuga food fair, 2019, this issue of Biz@India brings to you stories about the ever evolving Indian food industry and how it has transformed from being deficient in its food production to the biggest producer of several products. We also see how the farming sector is facing a looming existential crisis because of climate change and how the rising incidents of drought and deluge are disrupting and destroying farming not just more frequently but with much more punch.

This issue also highlights how the more and more Indians in the rural hinterland, whether farmers or entrepreneurs, are gradually shifting from Green Revolution to Blue Revolution, attracted by higher returns on investments as well as more certainty over the result of their hard work, farmers are moving away from farming to fishing for a fortune. We also give you a scoop of the Indian ice cream market and how this cool soothing dessert has become the hottest selling item in India. Finally, taking a little offbeat route we also bring the story of India’s first and only water sommelier who hopes to make Indians go tchin with different liquids in their glasses.



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