Biz@India COP24 Special December 2018

December 2018


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Katowice: Make or Break for Climate Change

Almost three years after the Paris Agreement, environment specialists from around the world are gathering in Katowice in Poland to take the important step towards protecting the planet from global warming. The meeting is meant to adopt a rule book that would govern monitoring of the implementation of the Paris Agreement. For its part, India is expected to play a major role in the negotiations, especially as one of the largest economies and a leading developing nation. The country is moving towards reducing emissions through transition to renewable energy, adoption of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and Electric Vehicles (EVs), but the country also has its own set of challenges such as seemingly uncontrolled waste generation as well as air pollution of ‘hazardous’ nature. India can use help from the developed economies, to fight its challenges, and this issue of Biz@India talks about not just what India needs and where it is lacking but also what sustainable ideas it has to offer to the world.


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