Biz@India (EIFE Special Issue) June 2017

June 2017


( Only Digital Magazine, Not Printed )

The Europe India Foundation for Excellence (EIFE) in association with Embassy of India Paris, France, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), India is hosting their second Global Skill Development Meet (GSDM) under the theme of ‘Skill India Week in Paris’ and Biz@India has taken this opportunity to get into the thick of skill development as it stands in India. In this issue, our panel of interviewees, while talking about their respective departments of expertise, all agree that there is tremendous scope for skill development in India. Amongst the plethora of sub-sections in skill development, we have aimed to give a concise overview of the initiatives underway at the moment along with the various overseas collaborations that have been set up in India. Other niche issues pertaining to skill development, which one might normally miss, has been brought to the forefront in this special issue. EIFE’s event is a place where these topics will be front and centre, and with this issue Biz@India hopes to provide some informative talking points that will help readers and event-goers engage in a substantial way to improve Europe-India relation in skill development.


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