India Outbound-nov-dec-2016

November-December 2016


( Only Digital Magazine, Not Printed )

In this issue of India Outbound magazine closing the year 2016, we focus on a country in close proximity of India and one that has been a perennial favourite among Indians. Thailand offers a wide range of options for the cross-section of travellers and vacationers. Boisterous markets of Bangkok to pristine beaches of Krabi, laidback indulgences of Pattaya to the mystic allure of Phuket, incredible nightlife of Chiang Mai to the soulful spirituality of Chiang Rai… We also give you a glimpse of beautiful locales of Morocco, Poland and Northern Ireland – a varied treat for rich taste. We take you to undiscovered parts of the land of opportunities, the United States of America for you to see places you don’t commonly get to see in films. We also bring to you five most thrilling places you can go to discover the unknowns of the marine world by scuba diving. Happy reading! Happy travelling!


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