Indonesia Experience the World in One Country 2016

May-June 2016


( Only Digital Magazine, Not Printed )

Composed of over 17,000 islands, about half of them inhabited, Indonesia is rich in beauty, biodiversity, beaches and of course cultures. The country is home to exotic animals like the Orangutans or gigantic monitor lizards and several other endangered species. With such offerings, it is no wonder that the country received nearly 9 million tourists of which 0.2 million were Indians in 2015. Apart from Indonesia, we also take you to other Asian countries like Japan to experience the Cherry Blossom and to the happiest country in the world – Bhutan. From Asia to Europe, we take you to Germany where Alexanderplatz in the heart of its capital Berlin will serve your cosmopolitan taste. And for delectable options we have Dijon in Burgundy for cheese, mustard and wine. Then we stop at the freezing capital of Iceland Reykjavik to suggest the five things not to be missed!


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