India seeks to be the Human Resource Capital of the World

Skill Development ministry to open 11 training centers to meet foreign needs

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June 2, 2016

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India is all set to achieve the goal of becoming the Human Resource (HR) capital of the world by exporting the country’s surplus manpower after a proper training. Ministry of skill development has started working on the project by setting up 11 training centers in the states like Andhra Pradesh, Utter Pradesh, Bihar and some North-Eastern States.

In a move to become the global HR capital, India has decided to give a proper training to the surplus manpower of the country, before going abroad to work. The move has come after a year Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested that India should aspire to become the world’s human resourse capital.

While addressing a press conference, Skill development minister of India, Rajiv Pratab, said that, “in order to achieve the set goal, India is trying to put in place a proper mobility system for its trained manpower to the countries where there is need”.

He did put a special emphasis on three key regions, central Asia, Europe and Australia.

To meet the standards of the demand around the world, he said that, for each country, his ministry would follow the specific standards of training that are acceptable to the nation. To get started with the proposal, his ministry is all set to inaugurate 11 skill development centers in different Indian states, to train people on the pre-defined standards of working abroad.

Specific needs, like hospitality in Australia

As per the official figures, every year nearly one million Indians go abroad for work but most of them are not trained as per the standards of the country they go to, nor are they aware enough of the immigration rules. Most of the times, people moving to other countries are self-driven and sometimes they find it difficult to find the job they aspire to. So, in order to properly channelize the immigration on the demand and to be skill based, India has come up with this new scheme.

This new initiative of skill-based mobility will formalize the talent flow from India to the different countries as per the demands of each country. As the Central Asian countries are always in demand of workers, Australia needs skill-based people in hospitality and the European countries need people skilled in health care (Geriatric Care), an official from the skill ministry said.

To train the Indian nationals to work abroad, ministry of Skill development India is mapping the requirements of the key countries around the world to make a customized training program. In this regard, Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi in a month of time will unveil some of the training centers.

40-50 million manpower surplus

Just a year ago, on July 15, 2015, Narendra Modi proposed, “If China is like a manufacturing factory of the world, India should become the human recourse capital of the world”. Calling it “futuristic vision” Modi forecasted 40-50 million surplus manpower over the next decade in India.

Rajesh Agarwal, joint secretary in the Skill ministry was reported saying, “The main aim of this initiative is to put a structured format to work abroad. A job in a foreign county is aspirational and skill training will make it win-win for government”.

To cater the unemployment issue in the country, India is opening up a new window for growing workforce. Customized training may seem to be smooth journey to get a foreign job and it may seem to be a good way to get your people work, but it will take time and many new initiatives of this type to really make India a Global Human Resource Capital.



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