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February 27, 2017

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Even as factory made clothes of multinational brands continue to bloom, India offers its fashion consumers few brands to choose from that are respectful of its creators and the environment.

With major international brands cutting costs by setting up manufacturing units that often engage in unfavourable practices of labour, choosing alternatives to the same becomes a must for relatively ethical consumers. Globally, as brands emerge with Fairtrade practices, and organic methods of production to ensure sustainability and farmer rights, India is slowly catching up with the shift in consciousness regarding clothing. Here are a few brands to shop from:

Do U Speak Green

‘Do U speak Green’ is an eco-friendly fashion brand with products made from organic cotton and bamboo-based fabrics. Offering yoga wear and casual attire for men, women, and children, Do U Speak Green has a Global Organic Textile Standard certified factory as well as Fair Trade certified cotton. Working in collaboration with Fusion Clothing, this brand is available for purchase online widely, on their own website as well as on e-retail websites. The brand can also be found in some stores across the country. Among the unique clothes available are the bamboo and hemp fibre made t-shirts which are both sustainable and fashionable.

No Nasties

No Nasties is a fashion brand that primarily aims at respect for farmers and the environment. With clothes and accessories available for men and women with a fair Trade stamp, No Nasties offers trendy products in beautiful colours. For women, particularly, some of the dresses are to watch out for. Borrowing words from the brand itself, No Nasties can be summed up as, “Take equal parts of Organic, Fair Trade and Awesome. Mix them up in a big pot of cool and voilà – you get a brand that people love!.”

Forty red bangles

Forty Red Bangles, a luxury sustainable brand that offers couture clothing made with sustainable fabrics. With designs and clothes reflective of cultural particularities of India, Forty Red Bangles takes its name from a Punjabi marriage ceremony. Offering clothes for men, women and children, toys, homeware, and footwear among a few other products, Forty Red Bangles ties up with NGOs to make one-of-kind products for its customers.


Ethicus is a brand that focusses on creating Indian clothes while using fabrics from Appachi Organic Cotton and silk that are mostly hand woven. With colourful sarees among other products for women, Ethicus offers elegant clothing and some products under the bed and bath category. Available for purchase online and in two stores in the southern part of India, Ethicus has provides handloom made products to those looking to contribute to traditional methods used by rural artisans


Organic fabrics and a project titled True-Blue are what define Samtana. An eco-clothing brand proceeds from the purchase of a product by Samanta result in the contribution to mid-day meals for school children. This is part of their True-Blue project that aims at combatting two major issues in India- malnutrition, and illiteracy. Offering a horde of products for Men and women, Samtana has some brilliant graphic t-shirts to choose from among other things.

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