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August 1, 2017

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The Moulin Rouge is among the iconic restaurants in Park Street. Photo-Wikimedia Commons/Faisal Akram/ CC by 2.0

The Moulin Rouge is among the iconic restaurants in Park Street. Photo-Wikimedia Commons/Faisal Akram/ CC by 2.0

Park Street, the central street for dining and nightlife in Kolkata is home to several restaurants that have stayed on for decades.

Despite numerous trendy and hip new restaurants and pubs opening up every other day, there are a few restaurants that have been running for decades and still remain top choices in Kolkata. Serving continental, Indian and Anglo-Indian dishes, here are five restaurants that bathe one in the nostalgic feeling of erstwhile Calcutta (Kolkata’s older name).


A restaurant that dates back to the 1950s, Mocambo is among the iconic restaurants in the city and a celebrated one in Park Street. The restaurant serves continental, Indian and Mughlai cuisine, offering several choices for those who head there for the first time as well as regulars who can try out several dishes. The Chicken a la Kiev and Devilled Crab, however, remain popular choices for customers here. The red interiors with soft lights and an old school vibe make Mocambo a charming place for a cosy meal.


Another iconic restaurant in Park Street, Trincas indulges visitors in taking a trip to the old Calcutta. In the 1960s, this resto-pub hosted celebrated singers and was integral to the nightlife of the city. However, even as today the establishment does not hold its high stature as it used to, live music and reasonably priced alcohol are some of the reasons why Trincas remains so popular even today. It is recommended to stop by in the evening for an hour and to have a good drink in the lively atmosphere.

Peter Cat

Peter Cat takes pride in being known for its signature dish, the Chelo Kebab. Meat served with rice that has a generous dollop of butter, and is also available in a vegetarian option, this kebab is a must try in the restaurant that is almost always the first choice for many in the area. Peter Cat has played host to a number of celebrities ranging from politicians to food critics, who enjoy many other mouth watering dishes in this pleasantly done up restaurant.

Moulin Rouge

Not to be confused with the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris, Kolkata’s Moulin Rouge is a charming restaurant packed between several other establishments in Park Street. The exteriors borrow from the Parisian cabaret house of the same name, yet the interiors are comparatively simpler. Once a spot for entertainment and musical nights, Moulin Rouge today largely serves as a restaurant that brews up nostalgia for those who’ve seen it transform. The menu consists of several European and Indian dishes.


An old-school restaurant that still provides quality service along with its nostalgic charm, Kwality has stood the test of time. The restaurant, though not as glorious as it was back in the day, is still visited by many today, though the numbers are dwindling. Some of the recommended dishes at Kwality are the Chana Pindi and Tuti Frutti sweet. Kwality has other branches in the city but the Park Street one remains iconic.


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