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April 28, 2017

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Even as they are numbered, pet friendly cafes in India are well received

Even as they are numbered, pet friendly cafes in India are well received

Pet friendly restaurants, a blossoming trend across the world, are slow to catch on in India. Yet, there are a few wonderful cafes in the country that welcome various species.

Sitting amidst furry felines and canines in a café that is still a dream for a large number of pet lovers in India. However, there are a few establishments that are helping in the realisation of this dream. As dogs and cats are the most common pets, there are cafes that cater to these specific animals. Varying from fine dining spaces that are pet friendly to cafes that are home to cats up for adoption, there are cafes in the major cities of India that an animal lover must not overlook.

Cat Café Studio, Mumbai

For cat lovers in the western Indian city of Mumbai, the Cat Café Studio is the place to be. Home to dozens of cats, this place also serves as a relaxed café with plenty of books and board games available. The studio lends space to several events too, only adding to the charm of the space. One of the most interesting features of the studio is that it also offers a unique yoga class, where humans and the feline can practice asanas and breathing.

Sunny’s, Bengaluru

A fine dining establishment in the posh Lavelle Road of Bengaluru, the capital of southern Indian state of Karnataka, Sunny’s is a place which is named eponymously after a dog. A relaxed and elegant atmosphere greets a visitor to the space, which has an old-Bengaluru charm to it with continental food on the menu. Quite a popular spot for lunch particularly, this restaurant is pet friendly, especially with dogs.

The Love Room, Kolkata

A café that is home to several dogs, The Love Room, in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata, is a charming place to visit with your canine friend, or to visit the inhabitants there. Opened by a couple last year, this new addition to the city’s cafes is quite an endearing one. A relaxing place to hang out, The Love Room is the first pet friendly café in Kolkata. With many options in the menu, the café caters to the taste buds of both dogs and their human friends.

Crimson Chakra, Chennai

In the southern Indian city of Chennai, Crimson Chakara is a space for dog-lovers to head to. A fine dining restaurant, which doesn’t only cater to sophisticated taste buds, Crimson Chakra has a special zone where dogs are allowed to accompany their families. Special Indian food as well as continental dishes are available here for the humans. For those bringing along pets, the 13 F Crescent verandah café is the pet zone, where they can expect an exclusive zone and the staff can be requested to also take the dogs on a walk.

Puppychino, New Delhi

Located in the hip Hauz Khas area of India’s capital, Puppychino has been noted to be India’s first dog café. A wonderful space for dogs and humans alike to socialise, Puppychino offers gastronomic delights to complement. The café also offers pet merchandise, but with its recent launch of a specially-crafted beer, named Woozy Boozy for the canine, the café becomes a must visit.



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