Bid goodbye to unhygienic toilets in Indian trains

Indian railways install e-toilets in coaches


December 12, 2018

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Indian Railways install e-toilets in coaches

Indian Railways is installing e-toilets in train coaches for the first time

In an effort to maintain hygiene, Indian Railways has announced that it will set up electronic toilets in the railway coaches. They will be environment-friendly and will be initially installed in a coach in the LTT-Coimbatore Express to monitor its performance.

The Indian Railways carries millions of passengers across the country, everyday, and is the most widely used mode of transport in the country- both for persons and freight. However, the largest public transporter of the country has been reeling under a series of issues, including safety, bad food quality and uncleanliness in its trains’ coaches. Most travellers express their dissatisfaction over the bad state and unhygienic issues in the train toilets while for authorities maintaining proper hygiene has always been a challenge due to the large number of people using them

Solution to unhygienic toilets in trains

E-toilets in Indian train coaches

The new e-toilets in Indian train coaches are visibly clean right now but their maintenance needs to be monitored

The e-toilets electronically integrate all the toilet functions, resulting in simple to operate pressurised flushing and incorporates several additional functions and sensors to ensure hygienic operations. Additionally, the toilets have improved ventilation systems that are compatible with existing bio-toilets along with the interior being environment friendly. The interiors have been built using plastic recycled crib sheets that were made after hot pressing empty tetra packs and shredded plastic waste from empty toothpaste or other cosmetic tubes.

Designed and produced by Thiruvananthapuram-based company, Eram Scientific Solutions, the e-toilet is a first in the public sanitation space in India, a country where millions of people still don’t have access to modern toilets, especially in rural areas, some of which have no toilets at all.

“We’re at the start of an exciting movement. What we’re about to see is the start of a new sanitation economy emerging,” says Midhu Vasumathi, Deputy General Manager at Eram Scientific Solutions.

There are instances of abhorrent public sanitation facilities in the country, with respect to its hygiene as well as its functioning, for example- out of 10 lakh toilets, only ten thousand are functioning.

E-toilets can prove to be a big success for India in its cleanliness drive, as the past one year has seen installation of these toilets in many public places and even in schools.

Mission to clean India

Swachh Bharat Mission, launched Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014, aimed to achieve a clean India by 2019. Over 80 million toilets have been built across India since the Swachh Bharat Mission started and many are in the process.

Apart from this development, the Indian Railways plans to refurbish 2,000 old coaches by the end of 2018. The backbone of Indian transportation is all set to improve customer experience by adding charging points for every seat, tray-tables, fans, better seat covers, new taps, and pictures in the passages.

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  1. Pratima Srivastava says:

    Till Indian common men does not respect the common public place property or people donot have respect towards public property, what will be be future of these e-toilets.
    In my opinion you will face the same problems as like You got few months back on motor way constructed with high Japan technology. Where common people took away ( stolen)all new technology based facilities . Till you people don’t put efforts to educate common men either by using media or by school, society or club that whatever facilities are given to common public is to take care of it because it’s for the good of our nation. Pride and forour coming generations and more over its for you. Secondly using such technology facilities public must be educated to maintain public hygiene.

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