COVID-19: University campus advisory released

University campus advisory released for those that matter the most



March 16, 2020

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Campuses of universities and colleges are characterised by the most powerful communities of students and the faculties co-existing together.

“No other places can be potentially more perilous in spreading Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID19) than the campus”, said Rajendra Shende Chairman of TERRE. “At the same, no other spaces can be more effective in addressing the formidable challenges in an accelerated way in the short and long term,” he stated while releasing the advisory.

The year 2020 is still new and is termed as ‘Super year for nature and biodiversity’. What is started as an epidemic in the New Year has now become pandemic that has spread across more than 100 countries. Nature is sadly proving to be the super-power that is causing a global upheaval. The world is witnessing a pandemic virus-like never before and panic is in the air.  The advisory released is the collation of actionable information from the key UN and government resources and simple steps students can undertake in their daily life as students from university and colleges are in a unique position to master the three Ps, -Preparedness, Precaution and Prudence and at the same time abandon one P-Panic. “Campus needs access to accurate information along with its authentic sources which are crucial in such outbreak related to Public Health”, said Joe Thomas professor of Public Health and Senior Advisor to SCCN who developed these specific guidelines for Universities.


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