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April 16, 2016

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Ajay Devgn and Kajol

Indian film actors promoting tourism in various Indian states has become a normal phenomenon that gives the required push to the state tourism and attracts travellers from around the world. The southern state of Andhra Pradesh has just appointed Ajay Devgn and Kajol – a popular husband-wife duo of Bollywood – as their brand ambassadors.

India is a country with vast geographical features ranging from the Himalayan peaks to the Indian Ocean coastline, offering a wide palette of tourism destinations to choose from. In a bid to promote these destinations, various Indian states rope in Indian film actors as their brand ambassadors considering the fact that Bollywood (Hindi film industry) has a huge influence not only within the country but globally as well.

Recently, Andhra Pradesh, a state in southern India, has appointed Ajay Devgn and Kajol – a popular husband-wife duo of the Indian film fraternity – known for their acting prowess as the brand ambassadors to promote tourism in the state.

Building a new capital                                

It is being reported that Devgn himself showed interest in promoting the newly formed capital of Amravati. Going a little back in the past, in 2014, Telangana, which was a part of Andhra Pradesh state, was awarded a separate statehood leading to which Hyderabad, that was earlier the capital of Andhra Pradesh, was made the capital of Telangana. Henceforth, last October, a foundation stone was laid to build Amravati as the new capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Devgn met N Chandrababu Naidu, chief minister of Andhra Pradesh on April 12, 2016 and expressed his desire in the development of the new state and even presented a proposed project to build an entertainment and media city in Amravati. Naidu readily accepted the offer and is hopeful that their contribution will indeed help in promoting the state tourism. He even assured the actor of all the assistance that he might require for the proposed project. The idea is to bring Amravati on the frontlines of the global digital network and convert it into ultra modern smart city with attractive benefits to companies.

In the past also, many Indian film actors have promoted state tourisms such as Amitabh Bachchan for Gujarat (westernmost India), which yielded high dividends for the state. And then there is Shahrukh Khan who is going to promote the West Bengal tourism (eastern India) without charging any fee for his services.

Tourism in the state

Andhra Pradesh is considered to be one of the ecotourism destinations of India. In 2015, tourist footfalls in the state witnessed a growth of 30 pc where around 121.83 million travellers were registered as against 93.3 million in 2014. With temples like Tirupati, Warangal, Srisailam and Vijaywada; Waterfalls and caves in the Araku Valley; Ramakrishna beach and a submarine museum in Visakhapatnam and many other touristic attractions, tourism in Andhra Pradesh with the support of Bollywood can definitely attract more and more tourists year on year from around the world.



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