Go Mumbai to Goa on the new high speed train

Tejas Express on a run at 200 KMPH


May 29, 2017

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In a first, the Indian Railways has introduced a state-of-the-art, high speed train that will run from the western Indian city of Mumbai to the popular coastal state of Goa.

India’s first ultra-modern, high-speed train is now past its maiden journey and is taking passengers from the western Indian city of Mumbai to the tourist hot-spot-Goa.

A 20-coach train with automatic doors and secured gangways for all coaches and with features like reclining seats, an on-board entertainment system showcasing Bollywood films, audio channels, games and WiFi facility, the train is a first of its kind from the Indian Railways.

The train is made in India and has been designed at the Rail Coach Factory in the city of Kapurthala in the north Indian state of Punjab.

Designed to run at a speed of 200 KMPH, the train will operate at a maximum speed of 130 KMPH due to operational constraints on the Mumbai-Goa route. However, the train may pace its momentum at the Delhi-Chandigarh and Delhi-Lucknow routes, where it is being planned to be launched soon.

From Mumbai to Goa, the train will cover a distance of 579 km in 8.5 hours and will run five times a week. During the monsoons, however, the runs would be reduced to three. The prices for the tickets will also vary in monsoon and non-monsoon seasons, the railway ministry has informed.  Inclusion of food, a chair car seat are other categories on the basis of which the ticket cost may vary.

“The fares for Tejas are substantially high and we are not sure if things are going to work out at such high prices. However, the railway minister is confident of success as he believes that passengers are ready to pay for facilities,” a senior railway ministry official informed the Indian press.

The facilities on-board Tejas are unlike any other Indian train – dust proof compartments, fire detection system, GPS, infotainment system, and bio toilets being the highlights.

The Indian Railways has also introduced Braille assistance system on the train in a bid to be inclusive.

A catering trolley offering food and vending machines for tea and coffee too are something that passengers are looking forward too.



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