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June 6, 2016

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GTDC, Chairman, Nilesh Cabral along with Ambassadors of India to Croatia, Iceland and Israel

GTDC, Chairman, Nilesh Cabral along with Ambassadors of India to Croatia, Iceland and Israel

Already one of the most favoured destinations among the travellers both from India and overseas, Goan tourism ties with Croatia, Iceland and Israel to promote tourism and business collaborations.
Goa is one of the most preferred destinations in India both among the domestic and the international travellers. While the Indians visit the coastal state to get away from the work or to revel at the beach with friends or for a romantic holiday with their partners; the overseas counterparts come to relax on the coasts and to get the popular tan. Tourism in Goa has never been a challenge.
Taking the exotic location beyond the Indian borders, Indian ambassadors to Croatia, Iceland and Israel have extended an invitation to Goa to promote its tourism facets which will boost travel and trade ties between this State and the respective countries. The three countries invited the state to organise road shows and send Goan icons to promote tourism facets. Interacting with Nilesh Cabrel, MLA (member of legislative assembly) and chairman of Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC), last Wednesday, the three Indian ambassadors expressed the desire of promoting Goa Tourism in their respective countries in the wake of several commonalities of various aspects on the tourism front. “We see a huge prospect of collaborations on the tourism front between Goa and Iceland with focus on cuisine and food considering the fact that there is a sizeable Indian population in Iceland,” said Rajiv Kumar Nagpal, ambassador of India to Iceland. While Pavan Kapoor, Ambassador of India to Israel thinks that the immense commonality between Israel and Goa with regards to pilgrimage and heritage tourism offer collaborative opportunities in tourism between the two sides.

Cabrel, who welcomed the initiatives for an exchange of tourism ties between Goa and Croatia, Iceland and Israel, presented to them the new tourism activities recently launched by Goa Tourism. “We would also like travel and tour operators from Croatia, Iceland and Israel to visit Goa to witness and experience the various tourism facets so that they go back and enthuse their nationals to visit this State. Goa is now a 365 day tourist destination. We have recently launched a new interactive website and mobile app which enables tourists to access information on Goa and plan their vacations accordingly at the click of a button,” he said.

He also introduced them to the efforts made to augment tourism infrastructure, safety measures and hygiene for tourists visiting Goa. U B Pai Kakode, director of agriculture, who was also present at the meeting shared his views on promotion of horticulture and floriculture between Goa and Israel.

Sandeep Kumar, ambassador of India to Croatia said, “Croatia wants to expand its tourism sector and we are looking at an exchange of concrete ideas in promotion of tourism and cultural ties between Croatia and Goa and furthering it with business retreats and investment opportunities in Goa and India.”

Representatives from the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) shared their insights on monsoon tourism and night life in Goa. While the general perception is that the monsoon is ‘off season’, Goa tourism is now promoting monsoon festivals such as Sao Joao (June 24), Sangodd (June 29), Touxeachem feast (July 29) and Patolleanchem feast (August 15) to promote tourism all-round the year.



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