A birthday tribute to Satyajit Ray

A video trivia


May 2, 2017

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Here is a birthday tribute to the maestro, Satyajit Ray, and to his incredible contribution to world cinema that still inspires generations of film lovers and cinema enthusiasts around the world

Here’s a quick trivia on Ray:

Ray is perhaps the first and the only filmmaker who was associated with every department of film-making, be it storyboarding, costume-designing, cinematography, script writing, dialogue writing, editing, directing and even music direction and background music.

His first colour film, Kanchenjunga (1962) is considered the first Indian anthology film.

The Satyajit Ray-Soumitra Chatterjee combine that gave 14 classics to Indian cinema is often considered in the same league as the successful actor-director duos like Mifune-Kurosawa, Mastroianni-Fellini, De Niro-Scorsese and Dicaprio-Scorsese.

He was awarded the honorary Doctorate by Oxford University, the second film personality to receive the honour after Charlie Chaplin.

Darjeeling Limited, a film by Wes Anderson, is dedicated to Satyajit Ray – the music of the film is conceived as a tribute to the music Ray used in his films.

He revived the Bengali magazine, Sandesh, which was started by his grandfather and served as the editor of the same.



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